...but fear not — rejoice! — for like Tammuz himself, it will be reborn and make ten thousand years of ecstatic god-love with Ishtar. Yes, that’s it for this blog. No more posts (and loads of those that were are gone) and a long period of gestating silence from me and my fellows before...

...sweet-insanity guides, dictionaries-crossed-with-trampolines, ancient myths retold, ping-pong love-stories for soft-edged selves, leporine mono-no-aware graphic novels, inner-fire-fanning pamphlets, acoustic-jupiter adverts shooting into yer eyeballs, subversive posters, wanton fairy tales, recognisably insane cartoons, a shuddering, monstrous feeling that everything is connecting up ...and, by way of emollient, unction and sherbet, a new website erupt, fully formed, from the entity that once stood here. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how much intraconnected ultravividity we are currently channelling from what you perceive as the future.

The first announcement of the new publishing-house-cum-dragon-lung from which our magazines, comics, novels and quite surprising philosophies will come cannonwise will be made to people on my mailing list (from which I send about one spam a two-year). So please introduce yourself, if you haven’t already and would like something epic, weird and instantly recognisable in your inbox some time at the end of next year.

(Also if you are an artist who can draw comics and cartoons, and you like this blog; write to me immediately!)

So that’s it for this edition of the Gentle Apocalypse. All over.

Much love to your very hearts.