This Un Is

Yes, Gentle Apocalypse isn’t, now. This now long-abandoned site is decaying, falling apart: posts vanishing, unlovely blog-standard template… The orchestra to be, however, makes all this look like a triangle. If you would like to hear trumpet-parp of my upcoming reality-reversing comic-philosophical dictionary / trampoline, or get your hands all over issue one of the insane comic I am writing and illustrating (with the help of some highly skilled and, behold, world-renowned artists), or would like bits of your inner self to vibrate, pop and drift all over the place to the tune of various leporine graphic novels, heart-rending love stories, inner-fire-fanning pamphlets, acoustic-jupiter adverts, subversive posters, wanton fairy tales, recognisably insane cartoons and a shuddering, monstrous feeling that everything is connecting up…

…then get in touch, so that I can let you know when it has begun, and from where the new website-cum-publishing-house-cum-dragon-lung from which all these magazines, comics, novels and quite surprising philosophies will come, cannon wise.

So that’s it for this edition of the Gentle Apocalypse. All over.

Much love to your very hearts,