Yes, Gentle Apocalypse isn’t, now. This now long-abandoned site is decaying, falling apart: posts vanishing, menus going funny colours… The orchestra to be, however, makes all this look like a triangle. If you would like to hear trumpet-parp of my upcoming reality-reversing comic-philosophical dictionary / trampoline, or get your hands all over issue one of the insane comic I am writing and illustrating (with the help of some highly skilled and, behold, world-renowned artists), or would like bits of your inner self to vibrate, pop and drift all over the place to the tune of various leporine graphic novels, heart-rending love stories, inner-fire-fanning pamphlets, acoustic-jupiter adverts, subversive posters, wanton fairy tales, recognisably insane cartoons and a shuddering, monstrous feeling that everything is connecting up…

…then get in touch, so that I can let you know when it has begun, and from where the new website-cum-publishing-house-cum-dragon-lung from which all these magazines, comics, novels and quite surprising philosophies will come, cannon wise.

Also please write if a) you can draw ligne-claire style comic strips and would like to be involved in  something extraordinary b) you feel you are going insane in a rather sweet and ordinary way c) other.

So that’s it for this edition of the Gentle Apocalypse. All over.

Much love to your very hearts,