There was a certain bleached teal to her mood, a faded drama, which my whiskey dewlap celery-sastrugi shed-roof pebble porcelain wet-rope beech copper cow-flank mink-oil myrtle and flax tones lifted in time for clarinet practice.

By the time she left, she felt extremely blue; somewhere between faded baby blanket blue, deserted-beach early-waking fire-building sunrise blue; the milky blue of a child's vein, the soft purply-pink hue of a blue midsummer moon in the Artic circle, the petticoat sigh of dingling spring bluebells and the lambent fox-belly-flecked filaments of her eyes.

It all rather reminded me of the time I asked Mr Gurdjieff of what it was like to be awake.

Everything more vivid was his unforgettable reply.

When I got home I wrote this song (scrappy demo, and hoping that one day someone who can sing will re-record it—if you can, please get in touch).

Ten seconds of lassitude grey
Bleeds in from yesterday
To rasterise the infinite hue
Of today into primary blue

Ink jet, colour clash
A pantone prison, but free in a flash
Of golden brown and emerald green
Sweet intensity, where have you been?

Cos’ I can see a primitive tint
Of eucalyptus and cambrian mint
Tango pink and psychadelic maroon
When you’re in the room

Sit back you said to me
Chartreuse yellow and porcelain green
It looks like I love you
And I’m feeling cerulean blue

Bing bong, the bubbles rise
In those melon pink and cinnamon skies
It’s hard to keep a civil tongue in my head
When you’re making me see cadmium red

I can see vanilla and flax
Tawny olives and celadon blacks
Biscuit orange and gentian blue
I can see you

Yes, it is horrifically reminiscent of a cheeseball eighties ballad, but nevermind. I also did this one though, which isn’t:

Text Darren Allen & William Barker, Lyrics Darren Allen Three Spaces Darren Allen Colours Darren Allen & Bruce Parker