A Little List of Lies

Hope, Belief. Fear. Random mutations detemine evolutionary progress. An abstract god created the universe. Nature is based on competition. Human beings are fundamentally violent. Sanity can be determined democratically. Democracy is the fairest system. We live in a democracy. The world or the environment needs to be ‘saved’. Recyling does sod all in this world. Natural selection can explain human behaviour. When you die you come back as another person, or animal. Pre-civilised groups lead lives that were ‘nasty, brutish and short’. Children are ‘little monkeys’ - selfish and wild. Schools educate. Its the government’s / your parent’s / your past’s fault. Money replaced barter. Land can be owned. Debts should be repaid. You need money-beauty-security-sex-fame-prestige to be happy. The universe was created at some point in the past. Beauty is subjective. Or objective. Propaganda is the mere telling of lies. You are fundamentally seperate from what you experience. Reality is fundamentally the same as ideas about reality. Intelligence is fundamentally a matter of intellect. And the one they’re all based on: happiness and sadness are fundamentally due to external events or other people.