The Serene Empire of Evolia

The Empire of Evolia is a massive, feral nation, notable for its huge mushroom trampolines and tame mastadons which frolic freely in the ancient mahogany forests.

The sweet, insane population of manythousand fluid grouplets are free to do what they like, howsoever they please, governed by nothing more than a subtle sense of obviousness which wells up from bellyminds run rapturously asunder in a monstrous range of impromptu rituals, thundering swing jams and near constant love-making.

Evolian Architecture partly imitates natural forms, the rest is alive; the inhabitants having learnt how to persuade their staggering flora to cooperate in civic construction. More temporary dwellings are common and all children can bivvy.

Emblem: Vast, pulsating electric jelly fishgod which periodically rises above the clouds, lashing out its firey white limbs, pinning Evolians, howling with delight, to the sky.

Government: Liquid anarcho-monarchy. Leaders who give orders or seek consensus are handed over to the care of young children until the yibber-yabber has left them.

The capital of Evolia is Shlaarg Makwang-Hoosh Fe-Tarp! and its currency is the Romantic Gesture.

Languages: Djang-djang, Zala, Chess, Riddim and the Immortal Music of Vibe.

Education: None. Economy: None. Politics: None. Law: None. Crime: None.