Dictionary of the Unspeakable

abreact (vb.) - to miss the main point or context and focus on secondary details though fear-generated emotional ‘skidding’ over the message.

awolden (adj.) - descriptive of that which is familiar and yet mysterious, that which is well understood yet at the same time baffling, completely obvious and known to all, yet routinely misunderstood, such as the massiveness of the ground or the baffling heart-stopping weirdness of having a hand that you can move.
‘Bob’s awolden was the first new feeling he’d had for thirty seven years and four months.’

bagstatter (vb.) - to repeat a stupid gesture or sound in order to make it look as if it were intentional the first time.

constringulate (vb.) - to move from outraged fury to sheepish guilt to indignation based on secondary facts to breezy dismissal of the whole beneath-you business.

culpese (n.) - guilt masquerading as gratitude, envy masquerading as praise.

dag (vb.) - to engage in the subtle and affectionate art of deeply insulting someone in a way that entertains and pleasures them.

effubula (n.) - the microthin layer of psychic flab that precedes actual bodily fat.

elay (vb.) - to endeavour to make another person’s low-quality contribution to a conversation acceptable or brilliant thereby making both of you feel high-quality (complements dag).

ellipsikuja (n.) - being wrong by being absolutely right at the wrong time or in the wrong way.

ewhelm (n.) A subtle form of vibe-hypnosis created used by professionals to nullify protest. The subject is rendered immobile by a smug, secure, lightly condescending, transparently mechanical, absolutely predictable atmosphere of sanctified power. Examples of ewhelm: a doctor’s bland diagnosis, a plumber’s pre-quote headshake, a math’s teacher’s light belittling, a five-star hotel receptionist’s welcoming smile.

faharta (n.) - a fabulous amount of effort that pathetically small distances sometimes seem to require to cross.

falsolis (n.) - a refusal to face one’s own problems by obsessively focusing on those of humanity.

forewoebegone (adj.) - currently sad about future regret.

grictus (n.) - a smile that expresses a feeling that is exactly half-way between courtesy and anguish.

grivle (vb.) - to focus on an example, expression or secondary detail in order to avoid the main point.

guggerstrasse (n.) - the feeling of awkwardness, exposure or panic induced by accidentally being oneself at work.

hoplundie (n.) - the stark and poignant absence of soaps, lotions, shampoos, pebbles, mirrors, postcards and inexplicable tiny chrome instruments in the bathroom after your girlfriend has moved out.

hoosh (vb.) - to allow someone else's anxiety to sweetly sweep through you. Opposite of horg.

horg (vb.) - to resist another's anxiety, becoming hard and cold, or to be swept up in it, getting stressed oneself.

impopulance (n.) - the poverty of a rich man’s smile.

insuffence (n.) - allowing a horrible-beautiful sunset to penetrate your exquisite loneliness.

juvalarmu (adj.) - eye-snapping clarity and physical peace occasioned by a purge.

This is a extremely brief extract from multicoloured ever-so-massive New Dictionary of Da, A User’s Guide to The Spaces Between Words, Flexible Connections and Unspeakable Things, coming soon soon soon.  (ish)