Everyone's So Quiet

INT: NIGHT. Granddad's flat.

Granddad: When we got sunk and we was all in the sea, and I was shoutin' for help and the skipper said, "shut up the German's'll capture us," and I said "we'll die anyhow!" "Alright, well keep shouting then," he said; and a ship called the Kempwood came and got us. The master said, 'parrently, "well I can't make you go, but any of you gonna volunteer to save em?" and three of 'em put the boats over, came and fished us out.

Me: Why d'ya reckon they did that then?

Granddad: Well cuz you do save people at sea.

Me: But I wonder why those three?

Granddad: They were on watch, thas why; tho spect they was all on cuz it was overnight, ships being sunk left and right.

Me: You must've been crapping yourself!

Granddad: No - wasn't. Your nerves - and, you know, being bombed, ship sinking, chaos - but everyone's so quiet. All this hero business! They don't -, everybody goes dead silent, hardly, almost frightened to speak with fear. Nobody hardly speaks. Full of fear, you're full of fear.

You want a boiled fig?